Togolese government caps transportation fees amid  rising fuel prices

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(Togo First) - Just like in June 2021, the Togolese government, following its recent decision to increase the price of petroleum products, has established a new tariff schedule for intra-urban and inter-urban transport of people and goods.

The new tariffs in effect set the ceiling for the cost of transporting people and goods. Specifically, the adjusted rates for intra-urban transport of people, mainly in Lomé, vary between 300 FCFA and 500 FCFA, compared to 250 FCFA and 500 FCFA before the end of March.  Intercity travel by car is priced between CFAF 700 and CFAF 10,000 from Lomé to inland cities.

The new cost of transporting goods is set at between CFAF 63 and CFAF 78 for goods with a weight/volume ratio of not less than 500 kg/m3. For other types of goods, the rate is set by mutual agreement between the carrier and the charterer.

These new tariffs must be respected by all actors, the Togolese authorities said, warning that violators will be subject to penalties under the regulations in force.

Esaïe Edoh