Togo issues a new draft decree to regulate public-private partnerships

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 (Togo First) - During their latest council, on April 10, Togolese ministers issued a draft decree covering procedures related to the provision and execution of public-private partnerships (PPPs). 

“This draft decree is aimed at strengthening the legal framework of public-private partnership contracts, and will facilitate the implementation of provisions relating to the award and execution of public-private partnership contracts,” according to the Council's statement. The draft “specifies the rules governing the preparation, award, control, execution and regulation of public-private partnership contracts concluded by the contracting authorities to meet their needs,” the statement adds.

The move happens in a context where Togo has been turning more towards PPPs to meet its development ambitions. For example, PPPs are preferred for infrastructure projects like Blitta’s 50MW PV solar plant or Adétikopé’s Industrial Platform (PIA).

The issuance of the new draft decree, it should be emphasized, has been on the table for some months now. In September 2021, Lomé revealed that it was working on a new legal framework for PPPs. The latter aimed to “support our country’s policy to constantly improve its business climate, and carry out big structuring projects easily,” the government said at the time.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi