Grand Finale: Seedstars World Competition 2020/21Edition

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All is set for the Grand Finale of the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21, whose seven themes for the edition are: 21st century education, women empowerment, climate action, childhood development, FoodTech, EdTech, and ICT Accessibility. Each of them is an important issue in the emerging markets, with technology and entrepreneurship providing new and innovative solutions every day.

As a way of supporting entrepreneurs developing technology in these areas special awards in each category will be dedicated, according the Seedstars group.

"These five startups have proven that no matter how difficult times may get, innovation is still at the forefront.”

In 2013, the Seedstars World Competition was launched to find the most promising early-stage startups and build the largest entrepreneurial community in emerging markets.

However, in 2020, things took a new turn with the pandemic across the globe. Reimagining its world tour online, Seedstars has digitally travelled across the globe reaching more countries than before. Having concluded the regional stage of the competition, the remaining five startups will be competing for the Grand Prize of $500,000 in investment.

There were over 4,000 applicants from all over the globe. And only 94 startups were chosen to participate in the local stage of the competition. From the local stage, only 20 startups advanced to the regional finals where the final five startups have been selected for the last stage of the competition.

The five startup finalists that will be competing in the Grand Finale on 20 May 2021 are:

Fulfillment Bridge (MENA | Tunisia)

A cloud based global e-commerce logistics platform offering warehousing in 4 continents, fulfillment, shipping, return management and more. Fulfillment Bridge offers a global fulfillment network in 14 countries powered by AI to help online sellers optimize logistics and manage exceptions.

Pegasi (LATAM | Venezuela)

70% of Latin America's healthcare information is still on paper, causing complications to 1 in 10 regional hospitalized patients. This startup aims to solve that problem by creating a low-cost EHR that works online and offline, anonymizes data and allows big data monitoring of epidemic diseases. Pegasi makes healthcare information accessible, clear and useful for patients, physicians and service providers in the developing world.

Finology (Asia | Malaysia)

In this day and age, getting a financial product should be a seamless experience. Except, it really isn't. Finology solves this by enabling seamless access to financial products via the use of our technology & ready digital distribution channels.

IMAN (CEE | Uzbekistan)

Banking penetration rate remains at less than 7% in Uzbekistan due to lack of Islamic products, high cost of capital, and poor UX. IMAN brings in a Shariah-compliant PoS solution that allows customers to buy anything they want from retailers, funded by P2P investors.

Ladda (Africa | Nigeria)

Ladda addresses the problem of poor financial literacy and insufficient ease of access to micro investment opportunities for low to medium income earners. Ladda provides access to investment for retail investors in order to democratize access to investment and provide financial literacy.

What’s in store for the Grand Finale?

In partnership with The Next Web, the Grand Finale will be broadcasted on May 20, 2021, featuring sessions such as insights presentations, an update on Seedstars’ investments, and a panel discussion with experts on tech and education.

In addition to the Grand Prize of US$500K funding, the competition will also award prizes to the best startups from different categories: EdTech courtesy of HEG Fribourg, ICT Accessibility by MADA, Women Empowerment, Climate Change, and Childhood Development.

The most anticipated event will be the pitching competition where each of the finalists will take their turn to present their startup to the panel of judges. The jury will then do a breakdown of the decision before the Grand Winner for the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 will be announced.

The Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 was made possible with VAUD and the support of the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), Presence Switzerland as well as the Qatar Assistive Technology Center (MADA), who staunch supporters and believers in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship.