About Us

About Us

Statement of Purpose

Our Vision

We envisage a vibrant, well-informed and integrated African Diaspora Community that enjoys cordial and harmonious relations with other communities and contributes positively to the development of its host country and the nations of Africa.

Our Mission

We seek to provide a platform for Africans of all nationalities and persuasions to connect with one another and to promote understanding and camaraderie among them. We seek to enhance understanding between them and their host communities, other nationals living in Switzerland as well as other countries of the African Diaspora.

Our Status

Africa Link is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization with benevolent motives without affiliation to any corporate body, power block or interest group. It is a voluntary membership organization open to all who subscribe to its benevolent motives.

Our Focus

In its coverage, Africa Link emphasizes news and information about the African community, news and information about the Swiss and other European communities to create mutual understanding and harmonious integration. Africa Link also provides a vibrant link to the African continent by highlighting events and opportunities of interest in the various African countries. From time to time it turns the spotlight on African diplomatic missions in the international arena, particularly within the United Nations and other international agencies in Geneva.

Our Goal

We intend to be a clear, mature, effective and sustained African voice that becomes a reliable reference point for the African community and its friends in Europe.