People Living on Public Lands for 30-40 years To Become Owners

TUNISIA: During a field visit last Sunday with the Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed, Tunisia’s State secretary to public domains and land affairs, Mabrouk Korchid, announced that some of the people living on public properties for the past 30 to 40 years will now be granted ownership of these land.

“It is the right of citizens who have been living on these lands for 30 to 40 years, after establishing their homes on them in good faith, to be awarded a land title. The regularization process concerns 979 housing units built over 11,000 hectares. It should prevent the anarchic establishment of further homes,” Korchid said.

According to Business News, “a council of ministers is to be held on Monday, March 27, to decide of a way to allow 

After the land situation has been regularized the municipal councils will let the lands to the people at a symbolic price”

Source: Ecofin Agency