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Burundi: Batwas Ask for Their Rights

BURUNDI –  The Batwa ethnic minority denounces its exclusion from land ownership, as compared to Hutu and Tutsi majorities. An injustice which adds to another included in the March 2005 constitution of the nation which states that power is divided 60-40 between the Hutus and Tutsis respectively.

Electrification Rates in 24 African Nations

Five countries are placed equal at the top of the ranking of African nation with the best electrification rates, according to the Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2017 released on March 22 by the World Economic Forum and Accenture Strategy.

ICC to Investigate Illegal Land Acquisitions in Northern Kivu

DR CONGO  - Daniel Ruiz, head of the office of the UN mission for stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO/Goma), has announced last week-end that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will initiate an investigation on illegal acquisition of lands in Northern Kivu. This was reported by l’Agence de Presse congolaise.

Big Win for Hip Hop Star Ney Wa Mitego

TANZANIA — It was a double score for Emmanuel Elibariki, alias Ney wa Mitego, after he was released from police custody without any charges and the green light given to his new song that was the reason for his arrest in the first place.