Uganda: Controlling Fertility Rates Alone Won't Lead to Middle-Income Status

[Observer] Uganda's population pessimism, spearheaded by the United Population Fund (UNFPA) and the population secretariat in Uganda, has forcefully argued that unless Uganda reduces its fertility rates from the current 5.9 children per woman, it won't easily realise its aspiration of a...

Understanding Domestic Violence: Causes and Preventions

Once upon a time, a man was arraigned before a court in an African country charged with raping his wife. The case provoked a public controversy, even among women who could not understand why the man should be charged for “having sex” with his wife.
The woman had refused to have sex with her husband; as a result he had to give her some slaps before she accepted. After he had had his way, she went to her parents to report. But her mother blamed her for refusing to have sex with the husband, saying the refusal could drive the man to take another wife.