Rebranding Nigerian In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Switzerland On course

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“When we took over the reign of NIDO Swiss, on 14 December 2019, our focus was to rebrand and change the organization’s image which had been bastardized.” Johnson Odibo, the president of NIDO Swiss asserted in his annual report at the organization’s Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 5 December 2020.

The meeting, like most of its meetings held this year, was online due to the pandemic ravaging the world. Over 30 participants attended the virtual meeting.

He told the meeting that right from the day the executive members were sworn in “we made redeeming and rebranding the image of the organization our task for the year.”

President Odibo added that their vision was to make the organization something every Nigerian would be proud of, and which both the Private and Public institutions would feel very comfortable to be associated with, free and open and without prejudice.

He then delved into and enumerated the steps being taken to realize the set goal/vision starting by building a relationship with all Nigerians in Switzerland through the presidents of the Nigerian ethnic unions on a quarterly basis to foster better understanding and cooperation. Among such unions contacted are:

  • Edo United
  • Imo Diaspora Zurich
  • Imo Diaspora Bern
  • Igbo Union Argau
  • Anambra Union
  • Igbo Union General Switzerland
  • Igbo Union Bern
  • Enugu Union
  • Urhobo Union
  • Odua Union



He told the AGM that the executive introduced some initiatives like holding workshops and other activities for the benefit of Nigerians and friends to give NIDO Swiss a new life. This was named NIDO SWISS INITIATIVES.

One of the workshops held is titled :  

  • Diaspora With A Future: (10-Year Retirement Planning with Real Estate Investment)

Diaspora with a Future focuses on Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Switzerland and Nigeria.

It was presented by Mr. Henry Erimodafe, CEO Inova Capital AG and a member of NIDO Swiss. He shared important and attractive information on this investment opportunity. The session explored how best to prepare for one’s retirement and future in Switzerland as well as in Nigeria with financial models and practical examples. Many saw the presentation as an eye-opener to something very important. The follow up sessions are planned for 2021

  • Coopérative  Seeds Investments (Carl Gustav Bjertnes)

This is another investment opportunity which is said to aim at “Making Youth’s Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True”. Websites: ,

  1. Swiss Political Forum

The purpose of this forum is to create an avenue to share and discuss the Swiss political landscape to an audience that is most unaware of the historical development and the practicalities of the Swiss political system. This event took the audience through the history of the Swiss confederation, political-cultural evolution and today’s complex political structures of Country, States and Districts as well as the different political parties and their fundamental ideology.

The forum was held on Saturday 15 August 2020. Ernest Omoruyi, a Nigerian/Swiss and a Board member of a political party (EVP Winterthur), and Nik Gugger – Member of the National Council of the same party obliged the audience information.

  1. Project Initiatives

Project Initiatives was launched to promote innovations by the Nigerians in Switzerland in the areas of education, economy, culture etc. Featured in one of the categories was ETA E-library System - Powered by ETA systems GmbH Switzerland by Engr. Edwin Akabuilo. It aims at Poverty alleviation through Information in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

 Below is one of such libraries already built in Nigeria at Amiri, Oru LGA Imo State opened on 28 September 2020. 



  1. NIDO Swiss NextGEN

“In 2020 and in line with our vision we launched the NextGEN to create a platform where the Next Generation of Nigerians can be inspired and start a conversation around cultural identity, self-conception and self-perception as it relates to their nationality and ethnicity in correlation to the Nigerian/African distinct culture without prejudice”, reported the President.

He added that in August, His Excellency Ambassador Baba Madugu, Nigeria Ambassador to Switzerland, and  Urs Althaus, (Swiss/Nigerian Hollywood Actor & Author) a Guest Speaker, on the topic, both addressed the first sitting of the NextGen via Zoom. The group members shared their experiences, dreams and aspirations.

  1. New Collaborative Website

A new website has also been built for the organisation. It is rich in contents, features and information with columns like Search for Jobs in Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Europe and even in Nigeria. All registered / Paid-up members could enjoy free advertising on the site. Other features include Support and Service requests. It is recommended to visit the new website.

Other accomplished tasks during year, according to the President include the registration of NIDO as legal organisation and the validation of NIDO Swiss Chapter with NIDO Europe. Two of its members were elected to the NIDO Europe Executive. They are Alhaji Issa Abdulai (Vice President) and Monica Emmanuel (European Liaison Officer).