The minister of agriculture wages war against illegal fertilizer traders

Noël Koutera Bataka

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(Togo First) - Togo’s minister of agriculture, Noël Koutera Bataka, wants to put an end to the illegal fertilizer trade in the country. “It was brought to my attention that some informal networks importing fertilizers of questionable quality feed illicit supply chains across the Togolese territory,” he declared. 

Further indicating that the fertilizers concerned can be “harmful to the soil, the environment, and people’s health,” Bataka warned those behind the illegal acts that they are “liable to legal sanctions.” 

Stressing that a professional license is needed to make, import, package, and supply fertilizers, the official also reminded in a statement that the importation and supply of mineral and organic fertilizers are subject to regulations in force in the ECOWAS region.  

A call was thus addressed to farmers warning them against the fraudulent practice and encouraging them to work with official services to efficiently tackle the expansion of illegal fertilizer trading networks.