Seedstars Bags 2019 Worldblu Freedom-Centered Cultures Award

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After its highly successful 5th edition of Seedstars Forum last month, and the launch of $100 million breathtaking pan-African venture fund in partnership with First Growth Ventures on April 17, Seedstars was selected at WorldBlu 13th annual award event that took place in Geneva on May 14, 2019 to receive Worldblu Freedom-Centered Cultures’s certificate.

WorldBlu, a global academy and community of organisations devoted to freedom and democracy in the workplace, founded in 1997, recognizes companies worldwide that have prospered by building workplace cultures on the principles of organisational democracy. Seedspace, baby of Seedstars, was among the 33 companies worldwide selected to receive this exceptional culture at workplace award.

With these 33 winners, the total recipients now stands at 200 companies across scores of industries, meaning WorldBlu has certified them as sustainable democratic workplaces in accordance with its 10 Principles of organisational Democracy.

“Employees want workplace cultures where they have freedom with accountability rather than an
environment of fear and control”, noted WorldBlu Founder and CEO Traci Fenton. Adding that these organisations are delivering a freedom-centered culture that people love, thus deserving recognition.

WorldBlu’s research shows that 75% of workplace culture is shaped by organisation’s systems and processes. Using its rigorous Freedom at Work Scorecard, WorldBlu identified organisations with 10 or more employees, with $1 million or more in revenue whose systems and processes are substantially democratic, rather than rigidly hierarchical.

In his remark, Horatiu Ticau, Head of People Operations at Seedstars said: “If you speak with anyone from our team you will see how focused they are as individuals, and also how motivated they are by our mission as an organisation. When you have such an ambitious team, your role as a leader is to create a framework (culture) that provides support and eliminates any unnecessary roadblocks (bureaucracy) that gets in the way of people.”

He added: “This is the reason we let people decide where to work from, when to work and how many days they want to take off each year. That's why we are also exploring self-management in our 30+ teams, why we don’t have middle managers, and why the role of the leaders we have in our team is to provide support, not to tell people what to do. So we are very happy to see our efforts of creating an empowering and freedom-centered organisation being recognized as well at a global level by WorldBlu.”

Democratic workplace does not only make employees happier, it also has healthier bottom lines. WorldBlu-certified companies averaged 103% revenue growth compared to only 15% among S&P 500 companies sampled.