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World Business Logistic Networks (WorldBLN) a brain child of Anis Khan, is a vision to connect freight forwarding enterprises for mutual benefit.

In 2016 after a team of Experts, Content Writers, Designers and Developers had put heads together the vision was realized as a platform that connects various freight forwarding enterprises, enables them to cooperate more easily on complex projects and enable small and medium scale companies to tap into the profitable vacuums big companies did not reckon with. “A star alliance of international partners, converging on a common platform to offer world-class freight forwarding services to discerning customers across the globe.”

Anis Khan described as “a man of fast experience with foresight who fore-saw the vacuum before it came into existence” was elected president in 2017, after the maiden president, for a two-year tenure. With passion, know-how, and unflinching cooperation from members he was able to bring the network to Penang Island in northwestern Malaysia to hold its second conference in 2018.

Before he took over in April 2017 the membership of the network had grown to 25 from 20 countries. During the two years of his presidency, WorldBLN grew by leaps and bounds to over 90 members from 60 countries out of which 20 are African countries.

Anis Khan has built a broad network of professional contacts across the industry world-wide, and he is now recognized as the Founder of WorldBLN. With his notable humility, he attributed his success to his team, the determination to set a standard and the trust members have in the organisation.

Once again the next conference will be held outside its Switzerland base. This time it will be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from April 11 – 14, 2019 during which the election of the new president will be held.

Four contestants are lined up for the office. The four and their profiles are:


Border Trans Service SRL ITALY

My career began in Border Trans Service, Austria, specializing in custom clearance after my graduation from Bocconi University in Milan Italy where I studied Economics. Eager to further develop myself had led me to Dubai, with SWIFT Freight International and back to Italy with Rhenus Logistics where I held various positions from operation, customer service and sales.

Upon completion of my Master Degree in Logistics, Transportation Economics and Management at Bocconi University, I join DHL Global Forwarding which gave me good exposure as a Marketing Analyst, Global Trainer and Sales Manager, where I was attached for over 8 years.

It has been 10 years since I re-joined Border Trans Service again, starting in the logistics division and as their Head of Sales and Marketing. I am currently the Managing Director of the group.

Enthusiastic to teach, empower students and supporting our industry's growth I am responsible for the module in the Freight Forwarding Industry Master Program MEMIT at Bocconi University since 2012. From 2016, I was elected as President for the learning and educational commission of FEDESPEDI, and a proud MENTOR of FIATA Logistics Academy.

Being the 4th generation of a family run business in Logistics and Freight Forwarding, I am privileged to be a part of an international and challenging industry which hasn't stopped me to be even more proactive with a spirit of serving, protect and develop the opportunities for our future generations to come.


I come from a village between the mountains of Abruzzo, a still undiscovered region of central Italy, two hours from Rome. My dad was employed at the local city hall while my mom has been teaching at high school.

In 1997 I moved to Florence, where on 2003, I graduated in Industrial Psychology. I have a master degree in Human Resources and in 2004 I was hired by a big Hotel Chain as assistant to the HR manager.

In 2006 I joined a freight forwarder as Sales Rep and the following year I was promoted as Sales Manager. In 2008, I was offered the role of Country Manager Italy. At that time we had 4 staff office with a revenue of about Euro 600k. By the time I resigned in 2016, we had two offices with 15 staff and yearly revenue of over 4 million euros.

In 2017, a group of investors all coming from logistics, asked me to become Managing Director of MINT. MINT provides international forwarding services, specialized in goods for human consumption at both controlled and room temperature. We are IATA cargo agent, fully certified to work within food & beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Since I joined MINT, the company’s revenue is steadily growing and already reached a portfolio of plus 50 regular accounts.

The company income is entirely reinvested in staff training, quality certifications, sales & marketing development. We have applied to become the first Italian freight forwarding company to support Italian Association for Alzheimer's research.


I founded TVSL group - a company providing various shipping and logistics services in 2009. With a proven background in the freight forwarding industry, we have served customers from all parts of the world. Over the years, we have become our client, most reliable option and we carry the same image even today.

I started my career with Global Link as their Operation Manager, mainly handling all kind operational matter for export, import consignments doing customer services and handling overseas, delegation. I later moved over to Head of Afghan, Custom & Transportation Dept. and here I got much experience in leading the team in their overseas Business Development. During this period I decided to pursue my MBA in Accounting and Finance.

Following the experiences, I started TVSL Group, I believe in the importance of operating as independent carriers, responding quickly to your needs with prompt, effective and global solutions.

TVSL is undoubtedly, one of the most renowned companies in the city and we're making it big with each day passing 

Velji Dosabhai and Songs Private 

I am the 4th Generation & Director of VDSPL. I joined the company in the year 2000 and have successfully completed 17 years of service as Director, and adeptly managed the family business established more than 93 years ago.

 I am an ideal person, passionate about technology and driven by never-say-die attitude, Instrumental in automating and implementing of best practices within the organization. I have introduced the latest in Software Solutions at the core of the organization. Strategic-thinker and highly resourceful with a proven ability to develop and strengthen systems to maximise probability. My vision has enabled VDSPL to initiate the Air Logistics Division and launch Veiji Global Logistics with 5 offices internationally, adding to the already 20 branch offices in India.

Member of leading Industry and Trade Partners' Associations; I actively participate and continue to pursue my goal to providing best-in-class services to VDSPL's clients and taking VDSPL to greater heights with the emerging world of opportunities. VDSPL and I strongly believe in Charity and that we have to give back to the society that gives us so much thus we founded Velji Dosabhai & Sons Charitable Trust. I strongly believe that there are more milestones to cover, more distance to travel. The journey which began from working under the tree office to the 16312 sq. office in Mumbai where the company is headquartered.



Anish Khan:   Founder & Chairman, President: 2017 - 2019

Before starting World BLN, Anis Khan has accumulated over 20 years of experience in aviation security, air cargo and the travel industry in Switzerland. Anis Khan has built up a broad network of professional contacts across the industry.
He is well known for his keen sense of business and is highly respected for his enthusiasm and his loyalty. Anis Khan is a managing partner of Intrapass, a freight company located at Zurich Airport.

Salahadin Khalifa Abdulkadir: Vice President 2018 - 2020

Salahadin is an accomplished senior-level executive with a 25-year track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the manufacturing, trade and logistics industry.

 He is a visionary and creative with a positive attitude and steadfast commitment to excellence. Also he is expertise in managing organizational change to achieve maximum results.

Kurniadi Wibowo Soetopo: Vice President : 2018 - 2020

Kurniadi first started his career in logistics as a Distribution Center Manager in 2002 managing a 15,000 sqm distribution center with 24 (twenty-four) hours and 6 (six) days per week operation. His responsibilities included managing and overseeing inbound receiving, putaway, replenishment, order fulfillment, kitting and assembly, outbound discharge and reverse logistics. 

In 2003 his responsibility was expanded to managing IT, HR, Business Development and Procurement. In 2007 he was appointed as President Director of PT PUNINAR MSE INDONESIA (formerly known as PT TAS PUNINAR EXPRESS INDONESIA) where he had firsthand experience about International Freight Forwarding.

Rolf Muller: Secretary General & Board Member

Rolf Muller acts as Secretary General for WorldBLN. For over 20 years, Rolf Muller has been working locally as manager with various express courier companies, taking care of clients both within Switzerland and abroad. A well-travelled and experienced in working with different cultures, Rolf Muller brings personal enthusiasm and commitment to building up and maintaining WorldBLN, and the opportunity to meet the challenge of devising and providing the distinct service WorldBLN offers its members.
Besides his position as Secretary General for WorldBLN, Rolf Muller is a product consultant for Swiss Post International.

Miguel Silva : Advisor & Board Member

Miguel Silva joined WorldBLN as an Advisor in 2016.
Import, Exports, Logistics and Forwarding has been the biggest part of his life and now it has become a part of him. With this in mind, he believes in an honest working relationship, which in return was the main reason for his success. Over the years with these virtues he stands on, he has successfully cultivated many relationships in his world-wide business network.

Adnan Iqbal: Advisor & Board Member

As the youngest founding member of World BLN, Adnan Iqbal already brings in 17 years of international experience and thrives with fresh ideas. A well-travelled and working in all the major markets in the United States, Europe and the Far East, Adnan Iqbal combines his personal visions with his business wisdom. 
Highly motivated, Adnan Iqbal is an integral part of WorldBLN, maintaining high-level contact to all members. Adnan Iqbal's enthusiasm to represent a Switzerland-based business network is rooted in his commitment to traditional Swiss values, values that are of universal application: Trust, quality of service, innovation and excellence in organization.
Adnan Iqbal is providing members a secure environment in which to conduct their business, a further Swiss trait of global application. Currently, Adnan Iqbal is also Director at Globe Forwarding & Freight, a Bangladeshi company with global range.

Stanley Lim: Honorary Advisor

Mr. Stanley Lim, currently the Chairman of the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and the longest serving Council Member of the Association, joins WorldBLN as a primary advisor.
A high achiever with an energetic personal energy, Mr. Lim has contributed to FIATA for over a decade and has held the FIATA Presidency. Mr. Stanley Lim is the Group Chief Operating Officer of Addicon Logistics Management in the Singapore Head Quarter.
Training and passing on knowledge are going hand in hand with Stanley Lim's career. He was one of the pioneers involved in development of training programs for logistics personnel. Mr. Lim was also the Resource Trainer for UN ESCAP (United Nations Economic, and Social Commission for the Asia Pacific)
Back home, Mr. Stanley Lim lectures in Integrated Logistics Management and teaches a course in International Freight Management with The Logistics Academy (TLA), a training arm of SLA.