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Where must I go if I feel unwell or have an accident in Switzerland or must pay for it? What should I do in an emergency? What types of insurance do I need? How can I protect myself from illness? Where can I find health information in my own language?

The Health Guide to Switzerland answers these and many other questions

It was commissioned by the Federal Office of Public Health and realised by the Red Cross.

The guide is aimed at migrants living in Switzerland and is intended to facilitate access to promote understanding on our healthcare system and our health and accident insurance. It also seeks to promote health and prevent disease. The Swiss healthcare system is complex to and promote understanding and often difficult to understand even for the Swiss themselves.

Most immigrants, who are familiar with another type of system, often find it difficult to familiarize with the Swiss system.

The Health Guide to Switzerland briefly explains the important aspects and it also contains many useful addresses.

You can access it through this link: