Running without charging: New Solar-powered Express Delivery Cars

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CHINA – The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Mobile Energy Holdings Group (, has announced that its subsidiary, Hanergy Glory Solar Technology has successfully delivered the latest solar powered electric express delivery cars (Solar Runner #1) to China’s top delivery companies, STO Express and ZJS Express on October 9, on the occasion of the 49th World Post Day

Installed with 320W of the world’s most-efficient flexible and light-weighted thin-film solar module, and low-temperature resistant lithium battery compatible with thin-film solar, Solar Runner #1 can increase the efficiency of delivery companies by saving the cost and trouble of centralized charging, extending mileage by 50% and charging the battery with solar even under cold weathers.

Supplemented with solar powered battery replacement service, this company offers a 100% green and economical “Charge Never” solution for delivery companies.

Renowned to be the forerunner of thin film power technology around the globe, Hanergy is constantly marching ahead making its contribution felt across industries. The company’s successful delivery of express delivery cars, installed with its advanced thin film solar modules to the top delivery companies in China is a clear evidence of it. The express delivery cars which were assembled by the company in collaboration with Hebei Nachi New Energy Automotive Technology have a par-excellence battery efficiency and can easily operate without charging for 3 consecutive weeks or even longer depending on level of sunshine and length of daily working hours.

It’s not for the first time that the company’s advanced thin film power technology has been brought to effective use in courier service cars. Earlier, Hanergy's thin-film solar technology was also applied by Hanergy Glory to a number of delivery companies including SF Express and JD Logistics’ express delivery cars.

What’s more enthralling is that, Development & Research Center of China’s State Post Bureau also took note of Hanergy’s consistent efforts towards making express delivery companies more efficient and environment friendly that it published the news of the company’s recent accomplishment on their website.

Lu Tao, CEO of Hanergy Glory Solar Technology said, "We’re on a mission to improve China's express delivery industry by bringing to an effective use our advanced thin film power technology. We’re committed to design innovative solar express delivery car solution that is cordless charging via solar power. We hope our contribution is directed towards creating a true green express delivery industry. Adding: “In the future, we hope to bring more mobile energy solutions to various industries.”