France Decides To Reduce The Granting Of Visas For Algerians

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The new immigration, asylum and integration bill officially approved by the French Senate, includes strict measures against illegal immigration which is targeting Algerians directly as they are second nationals who live in an illegal situation on the French soil with a population of more than 10,000.

French Senate also approved a text to reduce visas that are granted to citizens of countries that do not provide enough cooperation in the deportation of their nationals who live illegally in France, such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Mali and other countries.

The text that was approved by the senators supported by 197 MPs and opposed by 137 others, included tightening procedures for the removal of illegal immigrants and the modification of ways to access to health care.

When the new law comes into force, any Algerian who is living illegally in France will be required to pay for the health care which he or she has taken, or for his/her relatives or persons who promise to pay their treatment dues, while the costs will be determined later by a decree.

With regard to the deportation of illegal immigrants from France, the new law states that “a long-term visa may be refused to the national of a country which issues an insufficient number of consular licenses to its nationals for return to their country of origin or does not respect the provisions of the bilateral or multilateral migration agreements to control the flow of migrants”.

According to a Senate report of last December, in 2017 Algeria handed over only 45% of the Consular Give Way to its nationals for repatriation to homeland, meaning that Algeria did not cooperate with Paris to deport 55% of the Algerians who are living illegally in France, while Egypt was handed over 17.2% and Mali 11.8% of their nationals who live illegally in France.

This procedure said that proving a country’s refusal to cooperated sufficiently with regard to granting Consular Give Way to illegal immigrants to be deported to their countries of origin, will lead to a reduction in the number of visas that are granted, especially for a period that exceeds three months.

The amended law states that the administrative authorities, through a justified decision, can issue a mandatory decision to leave the French territory and prevent the illegal immigrant from returning to it for a maximum period of 5 years.

According to article 19/A bis, any foreign national who was expelled or was prevented from entering the territory or is prevented from returning to the French territory or is prevented from traveling within the French territory and enters France without a license will be subject to a prison sentence for 3 years.

The law included new conditions for the granting or renewal of the “temporary residency card” for foreigners, in addition to the condition that the person concerned does not pose a threat to public security, and the requirement that the foreigner did not live in the framework of polygamy, and should have one wife was added to he list of conditions.

The new law stipulates that each year the government submits a report to the parliament that includes statistics on fraudulent marriages or what is known as “white” marriage (interest) to obtain documents.


 - Algerian Government Source