FIFOG 2018 Celebrates Hope for Women

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Over a hundred films and 80 guests on the program

The launch of the 13th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) will take place on April 21st with the screening of Me, I am on the side of the bride by Gabriele Del Grande, Antonio Augugliaro and Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry.

This screening, prepared in collaboration with the Red Cross Museum, will usher in the Grand Weekend of the documentary. A debate will follow with the actors of the film, namely Tasneem Fared and Tareq Al Jabr. Until the 29 th of April, 2018, in some 25 locations in Geneva and its surrounding municipalities, life will be punctuated by Eastern Colors. Supported by around 200 partners, the FIFOG presents more than 100 films, accompanied by roughly 80 guests, from East and West, celebrating feminine creativity and youth.

Honoring Women and Youth

Placed under the patronage of the Swiss UNESCO Commission, this year, the FIFOG is presided over by a renowned Moroccan woman, Rita Al Rhayat, who is both writer and scientist. This 13 th edition showcases films by women, and films depicting a positive image of women. The festival also focuses on youth by presenting their creations

Through fiction films and documentaries, directors present their progressive vision of the world and express their hope for a better tomorrow. Images are stronger than words and these creative films are like swallows announcing the blossoms of a new spring. In these times of pessimism and violence, these flowers promise to be remedies to appease angry souls and spirits in fury. These cinematographic jems instill hope and defy obscurantism.

The prizes: The Swiss Made competition is being replaced

Due to lack of funding, the “Swiss-Made” competition is being replaced. Taking its place is the
Penitentiary competition of the women's section of Champ-Dollon and La Brenaz. In the documentary competition, 8 films are in the running for the TV5 prize (which includes a professional camera). For feature films, two FIFOGs of gold and silver will be awarded, as well as the critics selection for a gold FIFOG. 12 short fiction films are in the running for a gold FIFOG. 12 fiction shorts will be presented to students from CO Budé and the ECG Henry-Dunant. Finally, ECG students Ella Maillart will award the best short documentary.


The FIFOG at the heart of the news

In the spirit of making a contribution to debates on todays actualities, the FIFOG has invited various filmmakers and specialists to debate and illuminate us on current topics. The FIFOG seeks to amplify artistic voices and bring visibility to the analysis of experts. In the pursuit of enlightenment we can clear muddled minds. The status of women, single mothers, Rohingyas, radicalism, women's struggle for freedom, marginalized youth, integration, racism, are all topics that will be addressed in this edition. In the presence of several guests, including women working in the field, the big debate on Saturday will be dedicated to single mothers in Morocco and Algeria.


Honouring Iranian Cinema

Unquestionably, Iranian cinema is one of the most prolific in the East. Therefore, this year the FIFOG has decided to focus on Iranian films. The films selected seek to highlight the condition of the Iranian woman living in the country of the Mullahs, and their role in resisting archaisms. 6 feature films, 2 documentaries and 5 shorts will delve us deeper into little-known facets of Iran's changing nature. Several guests will attend the screenings.

Expanding to municipalities fosters openness to migrants

Supported by several municipalities of Geneva, the FIFOG hopes to share its wealth with the citizens of these neighborhoods, principally by increasing its presence in homes for asylum seekers. Thus creating a dynamic of exchange between locals and newcomers, and provoking meetings, discussions that may lead to a recognition of a common ground and mind.


The FIFOG 2018 in Numbers

102 movies, 40 films directed or co-directed by women

72 films regarding women

Female directors : 14 feature films, 18 short films, 8 documentaries

13 female jurists, 2 male jurists

58 films in competition, 34 directed by/regarding women

6 female directors out of 7 in official competition

Documentary weekend : 21st and  22nd depending at Fonction Cinéma

Opening film : El Jaida by Selma Baccar (Tunisia)

Closing film : Petits Bonheurs by Mohamed Chrif Tribak (Morocco)

3 Genres : 18 documentaries, 36 features, 48 shorts (42 fiction and 6 documentary)

1 film with Smaïn

25 screening locations

Municipal partners : Carouge, Celigny, Grand-Saconnex, Genève, Meinier, Meyrin, Presinge, Vandoeuvres, Vernier

30 Countries : Afghanistan, Algeria, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burkina-Faso, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United States. 

80 guests coming from East and West

8 competitions with 8 juries : feature film competition, short film competition, documentary competition; the critic’s award (Une certaine image); 3 awards presented by schools (CO Budé, ECG Henry-Dunant et ECG Ella Maillart) and penitentiary competitions

Over 200 partners