Tunisia and Algeria to suppress roaming fees soon

Africa Link Reports

Algeria and Tunisia have decided to further bring their population together via telecommunications by suppressing surcharges on international calls usually called roaming fees.

Houda-Imane Faraoun, Algeria’s minister of posts, telecommunications, technology and digital, and his Tunisian peer Anouar Maarouf announced this on January 27, 2019, during a press briefing organized at the end of the third session of the Algeria-Tunisia mixed technical committee for cooperation in the IT and post sector.  

Houda-Imane Faraoun declared: “We have decided to encourage the regulatory authorities of the two countries to stimulate mobile telephony operators to set technical devices and commercial agreements. This, to make the exchanges transparent for clients that travel on the two sides of the border without obliging them to pay more as roaming fees or make any change on their phone”.

With the suppression of the roaming fee between Algeria and Tunisia, telecom subscribers can now make calls to each other destinations at the local rate.  

“The two countries’ common will to suppress roaming fees, to create a One Network Area that is, will let citizens from the two borders feel at home”, Anouar Maarouf explained.

- Ecofin Agency