Tunisia requires Rothschild Bank’s Services

Africa Link Reports

Shareholders of Ecole Supérieure Privée d'Ingénierie et de Technologie, a higher education institute in Tunisia, required the services of the investment bank Rothschild to help it find a strategic partner for its expansion in Africa and even in Europe, the local website Ilboursa reveals. 

The education institute (which has Africinvest and Proparco as some of its shareholders) wants to offer its locally-proven expertise on the international level since the demand is high for quality higher education in Africa, Sub-Sahara (South Africa excluded) notably.

Rothschild is an important actor in strategic consulting in Tunisia. It counseled the government when it was planning to sell its shares in three of the largest public banks. It is also collaborating with many private firms listed in the country. 

- Ecofin Agency