Tanzania: Rumour Has It, There Is a Lion On the Loose in Kigamboni

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Dar es Salaam — Residents of Kigamboni have not been able to sleep well for fear of a lion on the loose. However, Coastal Zonal Anti-poaching Unit at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has assured the residents, that this is just a rumour.

Some residents living in Kigamboni told The Citizen that there were rumours that a lion had been chasing people in the past two days. However, head of Coastal anti-poaching unit Mr Abraham Julu told The Citizen that there was no such thing.

"We also received this information. And three days ago, we sent our rangers to investigate. However, none of them have seen the lion," he said.

He continued: "I call upon Kigamboni residents not to worry. These were just rumours. We also went to the Dar es Salaam Zoo in Kigamboni where this lion was said to have come from. But we found all their lions in their caged," he said

Mr Julu said it is possible that people saw a big monkey and thought it was a lion. He further explained that there is no report of any domestic animal being eaten.

However, he said that during their investigation most of the people they spoke to claimed to have heard that there was a lion. Local government officials also claimed to have heard the rumour.

Authors: All Africa

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