South Africa: 'Lust for Ladies of the Night' Undermining Our Efforts - Sunnyside Cops

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A motorist apparently has a lot of explaining to do to his girlfriend after her car was stolen while he was picking up two women on a street corner on Friday morning.

The 28-year-old man was driving around Sunnyside at around 04:00 in the morning in a Toyota Yaris, when he met the two women on the corner of Hamilton and Stanza Bopape Street.

The car, police say, which is worth about R180 000, belongs to his girlfriend, who received it as a gift from her father.

Police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said the man allegedly parked the car at a nearby McDonalds and proceeded to drink alcohol with the two women, before passing out.

The man allegedly woke up that same afternoon in Mamelodi, about 30 to 40 minutes outside of Sunnyside, with no car.

A few other belongings were missing.

"He woke up on the side of the pavement, and realised that he is in an area he is not familiar with," Mavimbela told News24.

"He took a taxi home and only noticed when he got there that the car was missing. He only remembered afterwards that he had gone out with two ladies, and therefore only reported the crime after he had recovered. He could not even show the police where in Mamelodi he was when he woke up."

Mavimbela said this was not the first time the man had had a car stolen in this manner.

In 2015, the man's VW Polo was apparently stolen after his drink was allegedly spiked by two women he had picked up in Pretoria central.

The women apparently made off with his car after he stopped on the side of the road, saying he felt dizzy.

"While the police are working tirelessly to ensure that Sunnyside becomes a safer area to be in, the lust for the ladies of the night continues to undermine the efforts that the police are making," said Mavimbela in a statement.

Police are investigating a motor vehicle theft case.

Source: News24

Authors: All Africa

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