South Africa: Book Review - Redi Tlhabi's 'Khwezi' Reminds SA What Was Lost in the Fire

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Broadcaster Redi Tlhabi's new book 'Khwezi' - an account of the life of President Jacob Zuma's rape accuser Fezekile Kuzwayo - is a sobering read from any number of perspectives. Snippets published in the media thus far risk reducing the book to a few further accounts of Zuma's predatory behaviour towards women, or the behaviour of his allies in attempting to manage his actions. This is effectively the opposite of what Tlhabi's book sets out to do - which is to reclaim the power, and the narrative, of a young woman at risk of being erased by politics and history. By REBECCA DAVIS.

"I wanted her to know that I was writing, unapologetically, as a feminist who believed her", Redi Tlhabi records at the beginning of her new book Khwezi: The remarkable story of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo.

Tlhabi is referring to the event which would hurtle Kuzwayo into the South African spotlight - albeit under an assumed name - in the most brutal way possible: the rape Kuzwayo alleged she had suffered at the hands of Jacob Zuma.

But those hoping that Tlhabi's book will give further salacious details about what really happened at Zuma's Forest Hill home on the...

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