Tanzania: Zanzibar to Host Major Tourism Conference

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Zanzibar — In a bid to boost tourism industry, Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) is organising a major private-lead tourism conference that aims at boosting tourism activities in the Isles.

According to a statement released yesterday by ZATI Chairman, Mr Seif Miskry the conference will be dominated by discussions on doing business and widen the sector's benefits to reach more people in the Isles.

At least 12 government bodies and tourism stakeholders in the isles are expected to attend the conference. The conference is also expected to play a tourism mini-trade show and will enable stakeholders to network during a gala.

"We thank the government of Zanzibar for a healthy private and public partnership, we are looking forward to a useful and interesting event," he said. According to Mr Miskry, the conference theme's 'doing business in Zanzibartourism for all' is expected to draw attention and enable stakeholders to discuss various issues related to the sector.

"This event will feature a whole day of presentation and discussion pertinent to the Zanzibar tourism industry," said Mr Miskry.

He said issues to be discussed would focus on taxation, law, environment, labour and immigration. Other issues in the list include skills development, utilities, sustainable tourism, and destination marketing.

He added that ease of doing business in Zanzibar and vision 2020 goals will be discussed, with a view to the private and public sectors working together on a range of actions resulting from the discussions.

The outcome of the conference is expected to be a list of advocacy issues that ZATI will take forward as its work agenda for the following 12 months.

"ZATI is committed to representing its membership's needs and interests, and to helping tourism in Zanzibar to continue to thrive and prosper, for the benefit of the economy and the people of Zanzibar," he noted.

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