Eritrea:Hagaz - Meeting On Education Progress

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Keren — A meeting aimed at discussing the progress of social services provision particularly on education was conducted in Hagaz sub zone.

The D.G. of Social Services in the Anseba region, Mr. Tesfatsion Girmai stated that thanks to the substantial investment made by the government for ensuring equitable distribution of educational facilities in nearby areas, the education sector has registered commendable progress.

Indicating that students' school enrolment still needs integrated effort in some areas, Mr. Tesfatsion called on the public to send their children to schools and play due role in alleviating the challenges encountered in the teaching and learning process.

The head of secondary education in the Ministry of Education branch in the Anseba region, Mr. Teklesenbet Zeray on his part stating that the lack of village regrouping, underage marriage, students school dropouts are among the major challenges in the sub zone, called on concerned bodies and the society to exert effort in alleviating the problems.

The head of basic education in the Anseba region, Ms. Abrehet Zere on her part indicated that students' school enrolment that of female students in particularly is below expectation in remote areas and called on area administrators to play due role in enhancing adult education programs.

Documents of the Department of Social Services in the Anseba region indicate that similar meetings were also conducted in 8 sub zones of the region.

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