Malawi:Zambezi Students Equipped With Leadership Skills

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By Daniel Namwini

Lilongwe — As one way of building authentic leaders in the country. Zambezi Evangelical Church Student Organisation (ZECSO) has equipped Christian students in colleges and secondary school with leadership skills to develop the country both spiritual and physical.

The event which took place at Nalikule College of education in Lilongwe along Salima road from April 6 - 8, 2018 was spiritual and academic excellence conference under theme 'Building authentic leaders'.

ZECSO is an arm of youth ministry called Fellowship of Youth (FOY) of the church with mission of increasing number of graduates in various fields of study in academia who are both excellent in spiritual life and areas of professional specialist.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), ZECSO National Chairperson, Henderson Kautsi said as a Christian organisation they thought it wise to organize the event in order to invest grooming strong results oriented youth's in Malawi.

"We have seen that in Africa we have challenge in leadership unless we build leaders who are authentic in nature then we can have a better Africa as well as better Malawi of which the church is not ruled out," he added.

Kautsi said currently the organisation has established leadership gap in the country that comes due to the way how African leader's mindset is, saying most of leaders are of benefits and they do not read by example.

He said as a national they need to have visionary leaders that are well equipped both spiritually and physical.

The National Chairperson highlighted that most leaders want others to do things that themselves they cannot manage to do.

"We equip youths and students to be flee from immoral behaviors like corruption, theft and many others for the development of the country," he pointed out.

Kautsi is advocating that colonialists did not colonize Africa land and minds hence poverty of Africa is a mindset not a reality and therefore there is a need to unchain the minds of African people which colonialists were chained.

He added that mindset of youths should be unlocked through train them in proper running of the country and influencing other youths in the country to run in an ethical, moral and visionary manner.

"For Malawi to develop it needs leaders who will remove barriers to organizational success and stop looking at a fellow Malawian as an enemy but a partner to development regardless of political party, region, tribe, religion and race," Kautsi assured.

Among other participates were students from universities of Malawi, Technical colleges and secondary schools.

Isabella Carlos who is doing education studies at Chancellor College acknowledged the organisation for encourage students to work hard in their studies and equipped them with leadership skills.

However, ZECSO will introduce the concept of entrepreneurship in Christianity as many pray and fast waiting to be employed instead of thinking on how to employ others.

The event was spiced up with music from Steve Muliya, Magnetic band and Kawale praise team.

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