Ethiopia: Cornerstone Laid for Construction of Borena University

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Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn laid a cornerstone Saturday for the construction of Borena University at Borena Zone, Oromia State.

The Premier was joined by Lemma Megerssa, State President of Oromia in laying the cornerstone.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hailemariam said the construction of the new university would be crucial for preserving the culture and values of the pastoral communities as well as addressing socio-economic issues at the area.

Moreover, it is expected to allow researchers to conduct extensive researches on the Gada System, a traditional system of governance used by the Oromo people, added the Premier.

For his part, State President Lemma said once completed and go operational, the university would play a significant role to improve the livelihoods of the pastoral communities and to efficiently use the abundant livestock resource at the area.

Expressing delight over government's determination to build a university at the area, the Aba Gadas, for their part pledged to devotedly supply indispensable support for the completion of the project.

Federal and regional state officials as well as residents of the area, attended the event, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

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