Tanzania: Regional Commissioner Says Parents Also to Blame Over Students' Failure

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Simiyu — Parents and guardians too have a contribution in a school's poor performance in national examination results.

This was said by Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Mr Anthony Mtaka, during a two-day training seminar for education stakeholders on Sunday. The aim of the seminar was to look into ways to improve performance in schools.

Mr Mtaka said teachers should not be the only ones to shoulder the blame for poor performance and that parents and pupils too are to blame.

"Attaining good examination results is not the job of teachers only but also parents and guardians, school committee members and pupils in general. Everybody here is responsible for good or poor exam results," the RC said.

He said it's well understood that if a head-teacher of a certain school is believed to be the cause of poor performance in national exams, then the district executive director has the mandate to suspend or take any action as far as civil service regulations are concerned.

The RC urged district executive directors to make it easier for education inspectors to do their work and ensure they inspect all schools so they can provide reliable information concerning challenges and ways to improve performance.

He called upon the education ministry to stop changing syllabuses, saying this has been affecting many pupils as they tend to lose focus.

Funded by Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP) Tanzania, the training, which brought together various education stakeholders including primary school committee members aimed at improving the education standard in the country.

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