CFB Projects Increased Circulation In 2021

Africa Link Special Reports

ANGOLA - The increase in trains on the Benguela Railway (CFB), in 2021, is a strong possibility with the recent reception of two more locomotives ordered from General Electric.

According to the chairman of the Board of Directors of CFB, Luís Teixeira, who spoke at the reception ceremony of these locomotives, in Porto do Lobito (Benguela), there is the possibility of carrying out more trains along the stations of Huambo, Kuito (Bié), Luena and Luau (Moxico).

They are part of a batch of ten, arrived this month in the capital of the country, eight of them assigned to the Luanda Railway (CFL).

 Luís Teixeira told the press that they will reinforce the fleet of 48 units that are already in the company.

After unloading, the locomotives will be taken to the CFB workshops for commissioning, followed by tests and then put into circulation.

These units have a dual operating system, diesel and electric, and were acquired with funding from the Public Export Support Agency of Canada, as recently announced by the director of the National Institute of Railways of Angola, Ottoniel Manuel.

Angola received from the American company General Electric, a total of 100 locomotives valued at US $ 430 million.

The CFB transports an average of 80 thousand passengers and hundreds of tons of different goods each month.