Luanda To Have Agricultural Training Schools

Africa Link Special Reports

ANGOLA - The Agricultural Development Institute (IDA) will open, in January 2021, agricultural training schools in the municipalities of Icolo and Bengo, Viana, Cacuaco and Quiçama, in the province of Luanda, announced the director of the institution, David Tunga.

The official, who was speaking recently in Icolo and Bengo, said that IDA will begin within 15 days the preparation of conditions for opening field schools in the four municipalities. The schools aim to instruct peasants in these locations to teach and teach new agricultural production techniques, in order to make better use of seeds, according to David Tunga.

"Field schools are already operating in some provinces in Angola, such as Huambo, Cabinda, Huíla, Cuanza Sul, Benguela and Uíge, with a positive effect on agricultural production," he said.

The director went to Icolo and Bengo to deliver motor pumps, hoes, shovels, corn seed and fertilizers to the cooperatives of Cambebeia, Cassoneca commune, and Casseculo, Kiminha, made up of 520 members. The production capacity of the two cooperatives is around 200 tons of different products per year.

The peasants in the area asked the authorities to build retention basins to store rainwater for irrigation, claiming that the pumps are insufficient and have expenses with the purchase of fuel.

They also said that the poor condition of the access roads that connect the communes to Catete, headquarters of the municipality of Icolo and Bengo, has been one of the biggest constraints in the flow of products to the markets in Luanda.

The president of Casseculo's cooperative, Martinho Chissanga, said that 25 of the 42 kilometers of road between Kiminha and Catete are totally inaccessible, with the situation getting worse in the rainy seasons.

According to the source, to take advantage of some production, farmers use canoes to get out of agricultural areas.

Angola has two thousand 983 cooperatives and eight thousand 300 agricultural associations in full operation throughout the national territory.